Chris Lacy is the director of The Defensive Edge Ltd., a company that specialises is self defence courses for corporate clients. He is also the co-founder of London Ju Jitsu which has Ju Jitsu schools across London. He has over thirty years experience in martial arts and has been studying Ju Jitsu since 1983. He currently holds a fifth Dan black belt in Ju Jitsu and has been the National Ju Jitsu Kumite Council champion twice. Chris has been teaching Ju Jitsu in various schools across London and Surrey for over fifteen years now and therefore has a huge wealth of coaching experience. The self defence techniques taught by Chris rely solely on technique, which means that they can be done by anybody irrespective of the gender, size or strength of the practitioner. He has featured in the following:

Super Size versus Super Skinny – Channel 4

Channel 5 News

Men’s Fitness Magazine


Shortlist Magazine

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