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London Ju Jitsu Martial Arts Tip Of The Week: Watch out for the “Green Belt Phase.”

March 6, 2017

Thoughts of a Martial Arts Teacher

My original instructor, Soke Billy Fenner (7th Dan) used to have a saying. 

“If you don’t start a fight and someone attacks you, whatever happens to him is his fault.”

He would then go on to say “You also don’t want things to escalate, so you must make sure that every time he coughs or turns over in his sleep he thinks of you! That way he’ll never come back.” 

Very tough words as you might expect from a tough Liverpool docker. He had been running his own Dojo from 1958 and was already well into his sixties when I first joined his club in 1983. His technique was superb however and he always had the utmost respect from all of his students. I would have loved to have seen him when he was younger! I totally agree with his first comment and I think circumstances must play a…

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