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Kyu Grading Approaching – Time To Cram

March 18, 2014

With 5 weeks to go before the next grading I’m getting more students as they try to cram in order to get their next belt. It’s obviously nice to have a bigger turn out and nice to have them back in the club but it does make me wonder why a new belt is so important.

At London Ju Jitsu we don’t promote anyone unless they have demonstrated in the grading that they not only know the techniques in their syllabus but that we believe they have a good chance of executing those techniques in a real situation. If a student has crammed they may well be able to pass the grading but is that enough? I would like to think that it isn’t as the more practice you get the better you get at the technique but more importantly the more you understand the technique and therefore the art that you practice.

On another note those who cram for every belt are not respecting their fellow students. In my opinion they believe all of the Sensei’s attention should be on them so that they can pass their next Kyu grade but why should the dedicated students who never miss a lessonĀ get less attention in the latter stages of a grading cycle than the ones who only turn up just before a grading? I don’t believe they should, in fact they should get more attention as a reward for their dedication.

I do understand that work and life gets in the way and it’s not always possible to train. It is strange though that these issues seem to go away the closer to a grading we get!