The clock is ticking to my 5th Dan Grading: Part 4

Yesterday was our final hard training session before our grading. It was another tough four hour session which began with 60 consecutive throws each, then Sensei Spencer and I practising Kime No Kata, 30 mins ground fighting, another 80 consecutive throws and then another 30 mins ground fighting. Sensei Ian, who has been been training almost as hard as us even though he’s not grading, unfortunately fractured his shoulder as Uke for one of Sensei Specer’s techniques. This technique has become known as “Number 11” as it’s the 11th in his sequence and is always a particulary hard fall. I have to put on record here how much we all owe to Sensei Ian Ferguson for the effort he’s put in to help us over the last year!

Next week is the grading so the remaining training sessions will not be so intense. The aim is to keep repeating the techniques and keep the muscle memory but also to allow the body to heal and ensure we have as much energy as possible for the day. I honestly don’t think we could have done much more from a training perspective and I think the techniques are as good as they can be. Of course they can ALWAYS be improved but most of the time they are as good as we as individuals can execute them. Pass or fail I think we can all be proud of the effort we’ve put in and I hope the students have been inspired by seeing us put in even more time and effort into training than they’ve had to thus far in their journey.



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