The clock is ticking to my 5th Dan Grading: Part 3

With four weeks to go progress is mixed. On the plus side Sensei Spencer is still alive! Last Sunday while practising Kime No Kata, I attacked Sensei Spencer with a Katana, tripped over my hakama, fell over and nearly cut him in half! Luckily his reactions were good and he got well out of the way! A comic moment looking back at it but it was a bit scary at the time. All three of us are having to practice through injuries. I severely injured Sensei Spencer’s knee when practicing drop knee Tai-Toshi a couple of weeks ago so he’s training through the pain barrier. Sensei Salur has a number of minor knocks. I have this really weird injury to my achilles. It is fine one minute (not even sore) and the next minute for no apparent reason it goes into spasm and the pain is excruciating. After a couple of minutes it’s fine again and I can carry on. I really should get it looked at! 🙂

On the plus side the fitness is getting much better. We’re all starting the class with 70 straight throws and then practising them and the other techniques in the syllabus again and again. We end the sessions with line ups and at least 30 minutes of groundfighting. We’re now training for 4 hours straight on Sunday’s so hopefully that will be enough to ensure we’re fit enough. I feel the techniques themselves are getting there but still need to be smoother and sharper. All in all I don’t think we could be doing much more so if we make it through to grading day we’ll be giving it our best shot.

I’d like to thanks all of the Dan grades in our club who are helping a lot with teaching and giving us the opportunity to train. It’s very much appreciated.


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