London Ju Jitsu Martial Arts Tip Of The Week:So what happens after black belt?

The months after gaining black belt can be difficult ones for some martial artists. After many years of hard training to get first Dan there are suddenly at least two years before they can go for second Dan and so the training lacks some of the intensity it did before for a little while. For some the lack of a goal on the immediate horizon is a little deflating and some even stop training at this point. To me this is a real shame. Let’s not forget that first Dan means first step and getting your black belt just means you’ve learned the basics!
At London Ju Jitsu the 1st Dans are encouraged to teach the Kyu grades. I believe it is honour to teach and I also believe that you owe it to your club to pass on some of the knowledge you’ve learned. Also as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, teaching improves your skills. The important thing here is not to be passive whilst teaching. Instead of teaching the technique and just watching, you should teach and then practice as hard as the Kyu grade is practising! Of course this will keep you fit and sharp but there are other benefits too. As an example it’s probably been at least four or five years since you passed your first grade. Now you have so much knowledge you should put all of that into practice and become as good as you can be at that first grade. In life we don’t get to relive our youth with the bonus of experience but in martial arts you can and you will become better for it! By the time you’ve mastered all of the kyu grades again and began to train in earnest for your second Dan, you should be much better. If first Dan is first step, the step up in class when taking second Dan should be a big one!


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